Call for projects in cultural mediation

The Town of Sutton is calling for local cultural and community organizations to submit cultural mediation projects to be carried out by December 5, 2021. Thanks to the reallocation of certain funds from the Cultural Development Agreement concluded with the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications in 2017 (see news release, April 12, 2021), Sutton will be making $10,000 available for the projects.

Cultural mediation projects are designed to stimulate citizen participation, energize the community, and popularize the processes of artistic creation. They often start with a social issue or an unmet community need that can be explored through the arts. By making culture more accessible, such projects try, in particular, to reach people who normally take little or no part in artistic or cultural activities.

Organizations have until June 6, 2021, to submit their projects. Independent artists who wish to submit a project can partner with an organization in Sutton. For more details, see the Support for cultural organizations section of the Town’s website at: