Call to join our committees!

Following the commitments announced by the council, committees have been formed and you are currently invited to submit your candidacy, according to your field of interest and expertise.

Here are the committees that are currently soliciting the participation of Sutton citizens:

Planning and Sustainable Development Advisory Committee (PSDAC)

The Town is looking for new members who are interested in serving on this committee. The CCUDD is mandated by the municipal council to guide, orient and support its action in matters of urban planning. In particular, it issues recommendations on all applications for site planning and architectural integration programs (PIIA), minor exemptions, conditional uses, and specific construction, alteration or occupancy projects (PPCMOI).

Advisory Committee on the Environment

This new committee will be made up of volunteers who care about the environment and its protection. The committee’s first mandate will be to recommend to council strategies to reduce the consumption of potable water. Council wishes to appoint Frédéric Chouinard as President of this committee. Frédéric has been a member of the CCUDD for several years. His environmental skills are recognized, particularly as a member of the Organisme de bassin versant de la baie Missisquoi (OBVBM).

Quality of Life Committee

This new committee will be made up of volunteers who are committed to promoting and developing the quality of life of Sutton residents. Two mandates will be given to this committee: to implement the participatory budget project, voted in the 2022 budget, which has an envelope of $50,000 for projects improving the quality of life in Sutton; and to propose modifications and improvements to the current by-law RM 460 – By-law concerning peace, order and nuisances (in French).  Council wishes to appoint Sylvie Grégoire as chairperson of this committee. Sylvie is a lawyer by training and is very involved in the promotion of healthy living. She has just published a book about her journey across France on foot with her partner.

How to apply

To apply for one of these committees, please send your resume and a cover letter, indicating which committee you are applying for, to [email protected].

Thank you in advance for your participation. We look forward to hearing from you!