Citizen participation session on May 26, 2021: Internet connection offered at the Sutton Municipal and School Library

Good news for participants who have no or no good Internet connection at home! The Sutton Municipal and School Library will exceptionally open its doors on the evening of May 26 to allow people who have previously reserved their place to take part in the session, using the Internet network on site.

Be careful, however, conditions apply!

  • Given the distancing measures, places are limited to 12 spaces (12 people alone or 12 people accompanied by another person from the same family bubble)
  • It is mandatory to reserve your place before Wednesday, May 26 at noon, by sending an email to [email protected] and mentioning “reservation of a place at the Library for the session of May 26”;
  • People will need to bring their own laptop computer, their own power cord and their own headphones. No computer from the library will be available for the occasion, as login addresses are not public;
  • People will need to log in using the email address with which they registered for the session;
  • People must listen to the session with their headphones so as not to disturb others;
  • No technical assistance will be available on site; Assistance will be provided by phone or email by Stantec.

The administration thanks the Sutton Municipal and School Library for its contribution to this public consultation, and particularly its volunteer Sylvie Vézina who agreed to come and open the doors for the evening.