Collection of large household garbage between May 6 and 9: pay attention to the instructions!

As scheduled on the Town’s calendar, the first large waste collection of the year will take place by sector from Monday, May 6 to Thursday, May 9, 2024. Please follow the instructions below.

Depending on the date in your area, you will be required to place your large garbage at the curb the day before or before 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.

You can’t throw away everything!

You must follow the guidelines on what you can and cannot put out:

LARGE WASTE must be large BULKY items that cannot be put in the regular garbage.

Maximum limit is of five (5) pieces of bulky waste per address.

Some materials and items cannot be taken to the bulk collection: please see the list of REFUSED items, which must be taken to the ECOCENTRE. We will not pick up refused items, notably the following materials:

Construction materials
Tires and car parts
Construction aggregates (concrete, rock, brick, etc.)
Household hazardous waste (PAINT, OIL, BATTERY, GAS CONTAINER, etc.)
ELECTRONIC, electrical and computer equipment (television, toaster, microwave, computer, etc.)

We appeal to your civic-mindedness and your concern for the environment to do the right sorting and help us in this collection.

Reminder: no bulky items should be left at the curb outside of the two annual collection dates, or risk a fine.

Thank you for your collaboration!