Collective artwork: Tisse ton Sutton! (Weave your Sutton!)

Come and participate in the creation of a collective artwork with the artist Arielle Prince-Ferron starting at 1:30 p.m. in the Parc Goyette-Hill for the occasion of the Fête Nationale du Québec 2021, on June 24.

This activity for all ages is an initiative of the Town of Sutton as part of the Blue Muse Fun Tour. And what better time than the National Holiday 2021 to propose this activity to the population since the theme “Living Quebec – Tightly woven! “fits perfectly with the artwork.

Come and put your personal touch to the artwork by choosing a coloured fabric that represents you and adding it to the work yourself! You can also bring a small object, photo, note, a piece of wool or fabric that reminds you of Sutton or that represents you to hang on the artwork.

For example, the children of the CPE La Passerelle des Mousses in Sutton have woven photos, a feather, a shell and small crafts they made.

If you don’t have your own object, don’t worry! We will offer you some on site.

The purpose of this is to reflect the rich social fabric of our community. Once completed, the work will be displayed in the exterior window of the Town Hall in front of the Council Room.

We hope to see you there!