Corporation de développement économique de Sutton receives major grant to promote responsible, sustainable tourism

The Town of Sutton is proud to announce that the Corporation de développement économique de Sutton has received a $250,000 grant from the Fonds d’action québécois pour le développement durable (FAQDD) as part of Destination durable et action concertée (DDAC), a support measure administered by the 2030 Green Economy Plan and the 2020-2025 Action Plan for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism.

“This announcement is very positive for Sutton’s economic community,” enthused Mayor Robert Benoît. “The Sutton Economic Development Corporation is proving its role as an economic player committed to a long-term development process. The Town will be an attentive and involved partner in this process. We intend to play an active role in the entire project.”

An inclusive, concerted approach to showcasing the territory

The project aims to co-create a unifying project that will enable the community to actively participate in the development of the tourism offering so that it benefits everyone, citizens and visitors alike, and promotes harmonious living together. In 2024, tourism players, citizens and various stakeholders will be invited to reflect together on the best strategies for promoting, in a sustainable way, the beauty of the landscape, active mobility, heritage, culture, hospitality and local products. The citizens of Sutton will be informed and consulted via communications from the Town of Sutton and Tourisme Sutton.

Read the press release from the Corporation de développement économique de Sutton