Council submits the project of the loan by-law NR. 310 for major road works

This is very good news for the Town of Sutton: the ministère des Transports du Québec (Minister of Transportation) has awarded us two grants of $595,833 and $985,900 for, respectively, the repair of Scenic Road, between Schweizer and Old Notch, and the replacement of 17 culverts on Scenic and Alderbrooke Roads. These government grants were expected for several years and will cover approximately 60% of the cost of the work which will total $2,613,601.35. The council submitted, at its meeting of April 6, a draft of loan by-law No. 310 related to this amount which will be partially repaid by all citizens over a period of 25 years, according to the explanatory document. The planning of the works will be announced later by the Public Works Department.