Dandelion Challenge: the Town of Sutton joins in!

You have certainly heard about the “Dandelion Challenge” which asks all citizens and municipalities not to mow their lawns during the month of May to give pollinators a chance to feed at the beginning of the season, after a difficult winter and a high mortality rate in the hives.

The Town of Sutton has decided to participate in this challenge and invites all its citizens to do the same. In May, the lawns of our parks and municipal fields will not be mowed, except for the sports fields (soccer fields and baseball field). So don’t be surprised if the grass is high in front of Town Hall, at Tarte Park, Godue Park and elsewhere!

“We like to have beautiful, well-mowed lawns, but we can wait,” said Mayor Robert Benoit. “By taking this simple step, we are protecting our environment, which Suttons care so much about. I encourage you to participate in this challenge in solidarity with nature.”

Dandelions are a crucial source of pollen and nectar for bees and other pollinating insects.

The Town will have small posters on unmowed lawns. If you would like to print the Town’s poster to indicate that you are participating in the challenge, download it here.