Daniel Martin elected Councillor for district 1

Following the by-election held on March 24, the position of Councillor for District 1 was filled by Daniel Martin, elected with 58% of the vote.

Mr. Martin took the oath of office just before the municipal council meeting of April 3, before the returning officer, Me Jonathan Fortin. He was thus able to take his seat at the same meeting and immediately jump into the municipal bath, having already been a councillor at the previous municipal council, from 2018 to 2021.

At the very start of the meeting, Mayor Robert Benoît gave the floor to new Councillor: Daniel Martin thanked the voters in his district and praised the 38% turnout. He also emphasized the invaluable help he had received from his team of friends and family during his campaign. Finally, he recalled the major projects that are close to his heart, and his commitment to helping bring them to fruition within the Council.

Congratulations and welcome to our new Councillor!

E-mail from Councillor Daniel Martin: [email protected]
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