Défi Sutton Challenge : a great success and 2 904 minutes for ParticpAction!

On Saturday June 11th, on a beautiful sunny day, 132 people “moved” at the Goyette-Hill municipal park during the Sutton Challenge organized as part of ParticipAction’s greatCommunity Better Challenge

We counted a total of 174 participants (some of them took part in more than one event!), including 119 children (congratulations, children!) and 55 adults. Of the 174 participants, 74 were male and 100 were female: well done girls! Adults participated in the 3 km run/walk and the 1600 meter relay race, while the 800 meter race was the most popular with the youth. Some youngsters had the audacity and energy to participate in all the events! BRAVO!

The morning ended on a very happy note with the participation of 14 teams in the 1600 meter relay race, a relay composed of 2 adults and 2 children!  Everyone received a participation medal and the first 3 men and first 3 women in each race won a ranking medal, courtesy of the Boulanger-Bédard Foundation.  Thanks to Fruits et légumes Alban Houle and IGA for the snack! The Town of Sutton had provided the “Smoothie Bike” which aroused a lot of interest from the youngsters: each one had to “pedal” to make his smoothie. 

A big thank you to the many volunteers who worked for the success of the event and to all the enthusiastic participants!

Congratulations for the great minutes and let’s keep on moving!