Dream Sutton: the population is called upon to give their opinion on the village core


Sutton, December 7, 2022—Following initial consultation process of May 2022, the Town of Sutton is launching a major survey for its population to gather opinions on the various options proposed within the framework of the Dream Sutton project “Village core: establishing a comprehensive plan”. This survey is accompanied by the summary report of all the citizen meetings and consultations which were organized during the course of this process.

A seven-part survey

The survey is addressed exclusively to the residents of Sutton, over 15 years of age, owners, and renters, permanent and temporary. The survey is divided into seven parts covering the main themes at the heart of these discussions: Principale Street, Maple Street, Mobility: Parking Lots and Paths, the Former Filtex Factory Site, Cultural Infrastructures, Community Infrastructures and Special Projects. 

People are being asked to give their opinion on concrete proposals that resulted from all of these consultations and the ideas of the Town and the public. This survey consists of forty-seven questions, of which the first four are for statistical purposes only. Citizens have until December 31, 2022 to respond. The survey is online, and paper copies will also be made available at the front desk reception of Town Hall. Responses are anonymous and confidential. 

The results of the survey will be announced in February 2023 and will be considered by Town Council. The council will then be asked to make decisions on the options selected, taking into account any studies that may be required to evaluate their feasibility.

The summary report of the consultations

To support this survey, the Town of Sutton is simultaneously publishing the summary report of the consultations submitted by Julie Lavallée. Ms. Lavallée’s mandate was to accompany the Town in its long consultation process. She orchestrated all the citizen meetings that took place between May and November 2022, encompassing nine brainstorming sessions with different targeted groups, two public meetings and an interactive exhibition that was open to the public during four weekends. This allowed us to get to the bottom of the issues impacting our population.

More than 430 people took part in person in this democratic process which is considerable in relation to the size of our population (4548 inhabitants in 2021, or 9.6%). And this is not including the online participation of citizens who published their comments or proposals directly on the website of Dream Sutton, under the heading Ideas Wall.

 “We were impressed by the magnitude of so many citizens mobilization towards this project that is close to our hearts,” said Mayor Robert Benoît. “The future of the village core concerns the entire population, present and future. We really intend to act so that in the near future, the projects that have been agreed upon will see the light of day. I wish to thank all citizens for their participation.” 

Press Release – Dream Sutton, the population called to pronounce on the village core
Summary report of the consultations, Julie Lavallée, december 2022 (in French)