UPDATE (8 P.M.) – EMERGENCY MEASURES: the Town informs you

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???? Several areas have been reconnected by Hydro-Québec: Domaine Gagné, Western Street, Principale Street, Scenic Road, Glen Sutton, Sutton Junction, and Abercorn. We ask the population to moderate their electrical consumption until everything is back to 100% to avoid overloads: for example, restart your heating gradually, do not use all your appliances at the same time. Thank you for your solidarity!

???????????? The Town Hall will remain open tonight and again tomorrow: 23 beds are currently being set up in a room in the Town Hall. The Red Cross will soon deliver blankets and pillows. Our Town team will welcome anyone in need, but we ask that everyone respect the rules: no noise, no alcohol, no parties, sorry! Thank you for your understanding. ???? If no one is at the emergency reception center at mindnight, the Town Hall will close and reopen around 5 a.m on December 25.

Please contact your relatives and isolated people you know to see if they are OK or need help. Notify us if you need help: emergency reception center open at Town Hall | tel 450-538-2390

Please be careful on the road and at home: do not leave generators or combustion appliances within 2 m of your home (especially not under windows because of carbon monoxide fumes). And be careful with electrical wires!

❤️ Thank you to the Town of Bromont for loaning us a generator and lights.
❤️ Thank you to the Town of Brome Lake for providing the cots.
❤️ Thank you to all the volunteers and municipal staff who have been mobilized since the beginning and are helping at the emergency reception center.
❤️ Thank you to our firefighters and first responders who responded to over 60 calls in the last 36 hours.
❤️ Thank you to our Public Works team who have worked tirelessly since the beginning of the storm.

Nice atmosphere at the emergency shelter today in Town Hall!