Fast charging stations for electric vehicles at the IGA in Sutton

Good news! Today, Earth Day Canada is kicking off the EcoCharge program, which will have 100 fast-charging stations for electric vehicles installed in the parking lots of 50 IGA supermarkets across Quebec and New Brunswick. The municipality of Sutton is one of the lucky ones who will host the first two EcoCharge stations by fall 2021.

By giving electric car drivers the opportunity to charge their vehicles in only 20 minutes while shopping, Earth Day Canada is aiming to create a buzz and speed up the transition to electric vehicles in Canada. Sobeys and IGA, its Quebec-based subsidiary, will be the first partners to install the EcoCharge charging stations.

In addition, on the 22nd of every month, the proceeds from the charging stations during that day will be donated to a local organization in each of the 50 municipalities where they have been installed.

This program was made possible through the support of Natural Resources Canada, the participating IGA grocers, Fonds Éco IGA and Earth Day Canada.

To read the EcoCharge program’s press release, click here.