Filtex : weekly update – August 12 to 16, 2019

  • The work is progressing in line with the schedule. This week the demolition phase and removal of materials began.
  • Instillation of the fine debris, anti-dispersion fence was completed around the section of the buildings that had previously collapsed.
  • Some artefacts from the Filtex buildings were removed and saved for Heritage Sutton
  • According to the site supervisor from HDS Environnement Inc. and the inspector from the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST), the work is taking place exactly as required.
  • Earlier this week the drinking water in some residences on Pine Street became cloudy for a few days. This was due to the use of water from the nearby hydrant to settle dust. There was no risk to health.
  • Representatives from the Central Maine & Quebec Railway (CMQR) visited the site to see the progress of the work and to mow the grass beside the railway tracks. There was a problem with the Pine Street rail crossing warning system that was not related to the demolition work; the CMQR company solved the problem.
  • For questions or complaints concerning the Filtex demolition please contact the Public Works Secretary, Jessica Savard, by phone at 450 538-2290 or by email to [email protected]
  • You can consult the summary of the key facts regarding the demolition process of the former Filtex factory, published 26 July, by clicking here.