Flooding: road closures – Information on Tuesday morning, December 19

The Town of Sutton wishes to inform you that, due to the overflow of the Missisquoi River :

Cushion road, in Glen Sutton, is closed and flooded.

Burnett Road in Glen Sutton is closed and flooded.

Approximately 75 residences are affected. Residents in the area are asked to stay in their homes and, for their own safety, to stay away from the water and the railroad.

This closure also affects residents on Smith Hill Road and Dufur Road, which are connected to it. Residents are asked to remain at home and off the road, if possible. Thank you for your cooperation!

For emergencies, call 9-1-1.

Residents from this sector subscribing to CITAM mass alerts will be notified personally.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite all those who have not yet subscribed to our CITAM mass notification and alert application to do so, as it is the quickest and most direct way of notifying you of any urgent situation by phone, text message or email, depending on your choice.

To sign up for the CITAM mass notification and alert application: go on the Town’s website at www.sutton.ca (CITAM box on the home page).