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If you weren’t able to attend Tuesday evening’s public meeting on the Western Street worksite (northern section), you can listen to this excellent presentation by Jessica Savard, our municipal technician in charge of the project, on our YouTube channel. Accompanied by our new Director of Public Works and Fixed Assets, Yvan Giroux, and FNX Innov inc. engineer Patrick Lelièvre, she explained all the stages of the work and its impact on the street’s residents as well as on access to Goyette-Hill Park during the six-month construction period starting April 29.

“Finally!” exclaimed Mayor Robert Benoît, introducing the presentation. “We’ve been talking about it for years, and the longer we wait, the more it will cost. This project is the result of teamwork, and I’d like to highlight the contribution of our councillors.” He also pointed out that this project meets several objectives: stands out by doing things differently and experiments with new concepts, reduces speed and increases safety, communicates according to the principle of “inform, listen and consult”.

The 30 or so people who attended the meeting were then able to ask questions at the two information booths set up by the Public Works and Fixed Assets Department as well as the Recreation, Community Life and Culture Department.

To consult the Presentation document on the Western Street Reconstruction Work
To listen to the video recording of the presentation

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Thank you to everyone who came out on Tuesday evening to attend the presentation!