Mayor’s message to our citizens

Dear citizens of Sutton

Your Town is currently making every effort to minimize the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 by rigorously applying all the measures proposed by the provincial and federal governments. For the sake of protecting loved ones and our community, I am asking each of you to contribute to this extraordinary effort, in particular for the sake of our seniors who are most at risk.

What you can do:

  • Follow the instructions and directives issued by the Quebec and federal governments.
  • Protect yourself by washing hands, coughing in your elbow, throwing away tissues, keeping your distance, staying at home as much as possible and avoiding gatherings.
  • If you have returned from abroad since March 12, voluntary isolation for 14 days is recommended.
  • If you have a cough or fever call 1 877 644-4545.
  • Stay informed locally:
    • Sign up today at for the CITAM alerts and mass notification system, and the Sutton updates! weekly newsletter. If you do not have internet access contact CITAM directly at 1 844 642-3540 to receive alerts via your land telephone
    • Check for updates on the Town web site
    • Facebook users should “Like” and “Follow” the Ville de Sutton Facebook page
    • Consult the notices posted on city bulletin boards and in several businesses.
  • Do not go to the Sutton Health Center without calling first. Avoid non-emergency consultations. The clinic is working to provide health services to those in need, including telephone consultations where necessary. To help them, the clinic works jointly with the pharmacy and our First Responders.

What the municipality is doing:

  • Daily meetings of the municipal emergency planning committee to examine any new federal or provincial policy and necessary actions.
  • Staying abreast of any local changes that could have an impact on our citizens and our employees.
  • Putting an action plan in place to ensure the maintenance of essential services such as drinking water, residual materials or snow removal.
  • Town Hall closed to protect our employees and our citizens. You can still contact the staff by phone or e-mail but limit your requests to urgent matters only.
  • Maintaining regular contact with key local organizations including the IGA, the Brunet pharmacy, the Sutton Volunteer Center (CAB), Villa des Monts and the Sutton Health Center.
  • Keeping our provincial and federal deputies informed of our efforts and ensuring their support.
  • Introducing a system to ensure home deliveries of groceries and medicines for all those who should stay at home and avoid public places: people 70 years of age and older, those suffering from chronic diseases plus those in self-isolation. For the IGA Sutton order online or call 450 538-2211. For the Brunet pharmacy (medications and non-medical items) call 450 538-0055.

If you know seniors, please contact them regularly by phone. Help them stay informed. Share this information with them.

To help people at risk in our community, we are asking people under 70 years of age who are symptom free, hold a valid driver’s license and have access to a vehicle, to volunteer to make home deliveries and other tasks. You can do this by contacting the CAB at 450 538-1919, or via their website

Do not make mass purchases at the grocery store which will create shortages for your neighbors. The government assures us that the food distribution networks will be maintained, and it does not anticipate shortages.

By working together, we can make a difference. If you have concerns or questions, you can write to me at [email protected].

Michel Lafrance, Mayor. Sutton, March 20, 2020