New at the Sutton Municipal and School Library

The Library is a particularly lively environment, teeming with activities and knowledge. Here is an overview of the Library’s recent and upcoming offerings. We invite you to take part in our online survey to find out more about your current (and future) use of this service.

A Rich and Varied Program of Activities

For almost two years now, Library Coordinator Jakky Foster has been offering a wide range of activities, workshops and conferences which contribute to Sutton’s community and social vitality.

Over the winter, 13 activities for adults and seniors kept the library hopping outside opening hours. These included recurrent activities such as baritone ukulele classes, drawing and writing workshops, information and communication technology courses in both English and French, as well as an English book club and an English writing club.  Other individual activities took place, such as travel conferences, a conference by a well-loved local photographer, calligraphy workshops and a conference on planting seedlings.

Coming This Spring to the Library

Upcoming spring activities include:

  • Spanish courses (April to May)
  • Wine tasting and appreciation conference (May 16)
  • Calligraphy workshop (May)
  • Conference: Getting started in the vegetable garden
  • Conference: Understanding plant actions through taste-creating mocktails (June 6)
  • Annual used book sale (June 18)

Most of these activities are free of charge, and you can register by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone at 450 538-5843.

To stay abreast of upcoming activities, subscribe to the Library’s Facebook page or consult the Town of Sutton’s website.

New Hire

Last March, the Municipal Council confirmed the hiring of Geneviève Leduc as a clerk at the Sutton Municipal and School Library. As a volunteer with the library for the past 20 years, Geneviève was mainly involved in document management, but also worked on committees.

Managing a public library involves hiring human resources dedicated to the collections of documents. It made perfect sense to offer her the position. Geneviève’s responsibilities now include cataloguing and culling books, magazines and audio books, as well as coordinating collection exchanges.

The creation of this new position will enable us to contribute to the quality of our service, to the analysis of our collections and to formulate recommendations for it. Thanks to this additional resource, we aim to maintain a quality service by ensuring its sustainability, as indicated by the Guidelines for Quebec Public Libraries. We are also ensuring a safe and healthy work environment by providing support to the library coordinator and allowing for her replacement during vacations or leaves.

Did you know that as a member of Réseau Biblio, the Library benefits from the regular renewal of part of its collection of books belonging to the Réseau Biblio? This collection rotates three times a year, meaning that every four months, 900 books are removed and 900 new books are added to our shelves.

Inventory: the addition of Geneviève as a human resource will also enable us to tackle an important issue: the inventory of our collection. That’s why, from May 6 to 10, the Library will be closed for inventory. More information to follow.

Library Service Survey

A great deal of effort goes into providing the community with a dynamic and stimulating library. During previous consultations (Rêvons Sutton, update of the Family and Seniors Policy), increased opening hours were identified as an additional service.  That’s why we’re presenting an online survey aimed at both actual and future library users, as well as the volunteers who run this service in our community.

The survey will enable us to gather the following information:

  • A snapshot of users’ current use of the service;
  • The increase in service desired by users;
  • A portrait of current volunteer involvement;
  • Interest in a future increase in service.

The survey will be open from April 19 to May 19, 2024, and can be completed online or on paper.

Form to take the survey online: click here

Paper copies will be available at the Town Hall reception desk and at the Library. Computer stations will be available at the Library for those who do not have one.

The results of this survey will be used to make recommendations to the Town Council for the year 2025.

We look forward to your participation!