New shared schedule for pickleball and dek hockey starting Monday September 25

Following the reconfirguration of the Goyette-Hill Park rink last June, four pickleball courts were added to the existing installation, making it a multi-use surface for both deck hockey and pickleball.

The Pickleball Club Sutton started its activities at the beginning of the month of July. Dedicated time slots were reserved for club members to get together and practice this increasingly popular sport.

Added time slots for free pickleball practice

After several weeks of use, and due to the high number of pickleball players, it was decided to revise the shared schedule to add not only new time slots reserved for the Sutton Pickleball Club, but also periods reserved for free pickleball practice.

During free pickleball practice periods, anyone can set up their own net on a court to play.

Time slots reserved for dek hockey

Numerous time slots remain available for free practice of dek hockey, alternating with the periods reserved for pickleball.

The hockey nets remain on the surface at all times during the playing season and are therefore accessible to anyone wishing to play this sport during the designated periods.

To download the new schedule, click here.

The new schedule will come into effect on Monday, September 25.

For more information or to join the Club Pickleball Sutton, e-mail [email protected].

If you have any questions or comments about shared use of the rink, please contact [email protected].

Sports fields close on October 31, 2023

There are still several weeks left to use the Town of Sutton’s sports fields, which will remain open until October 31, 2023. Enjoy!