Ongoing reorganization of Sutton’s Urban and Land-use Planning service

The past few months have been difficult ones for Sutton’s Urban and Land-use Planning Service. Staff turnover, a very busy real estate market and the pandemic have greatly increased its workload, affecting operations and causing significant delays in the processing of files


The Council and management of the Town, aware of the situation and anxious to remedy it, are currently reorganizing the service.

Here are the immediate measures:

  • The hiring of a new secretary for the service, Ms. Brigitte Archambault, who will begin work on February 8.
  • The creation of a new Building Inspector position—currently being recruited for—which will double the Town’s capacity to issue permits.
  • The assignment of Mr. Alain Beauregard to the post of Urban Planning Adviser—decision taken by mutual agreement.
  • The hiring of a new director for the Urban and Land-use Planning service following a recruitment.

At the same time as the Town is implementing these constructive changes, and in accordance with the Council’s decision (adopted at the February 1 meeting), we’ve called on the assistance of an external inspector from GESTIM inc.,: Ms. Anne Marie Pariseault, already with us since February 4, is working for the Town three days a week, for a period of twelve weeks. Her job is to help relieve the Urban and Land-use service of its processing of pending permit applications, until the whole team is installed.

The Town of Sutton thanks all those who have been affected by our recent upheavals for their patience and understanding. This restructuring will mean the service should be up and running at peak efficiency within a few weeks.