Short-term rental: The Town of Sutton presents its proposed regulatory amendments


Sutton, September 22, 2022— After having carefully analyzed all the issues raised by the short-term rental, the Town of Sutton is ready to submit to the population proposals for regulatory changes that will govern the practice throughout the territory.

Short-term rentals have been a controversial topic since their use has increased significantly, particularly in tourist towns. Faced with this phenomenon, which creates certain neighbourhood problems with permanent residents, the Town of Sutton has also had to take into account two other considerations: on the one hand, the undeniable economic contributions of short-term rentals to local commercial and tourist activities, and on the other hand, its impact on the reduction of long-term rental housing stock.

A pragmatic and reasonable approach

On April 6, Council abolished the Short-Term Rental Policy that had been in effect since 2013, but no longer met the current situation. It then temporarily subjected tourist accommodation to the zoning by-law that defines the zones in which the C-507 use is permitted.

Rather than create a new by-law on short-term rentals, the Town chose to use the regulatory tools at its disposal, namely the Zoning By-law (in French only) and the Conditional Use By-law (in French only), by proposing targeted and relevant amendments. Short-term rentals of principal residences would continue to be permitted throughout the territory, while those of secondary residences would be subject to a much more restrictive framework.

In its reasoned approach, the Town has thus favoured regulatory adjustments that should reduce the nuisance caused by short-term rentals while encouraging the return to the market of long-term rental properties that are increasingly lacking.

The population called upon to give its opinion

The Town’s proposed regulatory changes will be presented to the public in a transparent manner. Beginning September 22, presentation documents that provide an understanding of proposals entire process will be posted on the Town’s website for the public to review. From there, a public meeting will be held on Thursday, September 29, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., to present the Town’s proposals in person and answer questions from the public.

The public will then have 30 days, between October 5 and November 4, 2022, to submit their comments by mail, email, or form. Details will be announced at the public meeting.

The Urban and Land-Use Planning Department will compile these comments to integrate them into the current revision of the urban plan and regulations.

The Town of Sutton wishes, at the end of this process of analysis and concerted proposals, to offer a perennial solution to this important question of short-term rentals in Sutton.

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