Preventing fires caused by Lithium-ion batteries

As part of Fire Prevention Week, our public safety department would like to alert you to fires caused by overheating Lithium-ion batteries.

đź“› Keep the following precautions in mind when using equipment powered by lithium-ion batteries:

âś… Never store electric bikes or scooters near doors or windows used as emergency exits in the event of fire.

âś… Never recharge your batteries unattended or leave them under charge overnight.

âś… Buy and use only equipment approved by laboratories such as ULC or CSA.

âś… Never charge your electronic devices under your pillow, on your bed or on a sofa.

âś… Use only rechargeable power cords supplied by the manufacturer and designed specifically for your equipment.

âś… Keep devices at room temperature, avoiding exposure to sunlight or flammable sources.

âś… If one of your batteries overheats, emits an odor, warps, changes color, leaks or makes an abnormal sound, stop using it immediately.

Watch the video: the dangers of lithium-ion batteries 🔋