Recruitment difficulties: municipal day camp and swimming pool services heavily affected

Once again this year, the Town of Sutton is facing significant challenges in filling all open positions in the day camp and lifeguards teams. Despite our ongoing efforts to recruit summer staff, several positions are still open.

Impacts on services

Day camp

For the day camp, it is still not possible to offer a service 5 days a week. Indeed, the lack of personnel not only requires a reduction in the number of places available, but also the removal of Friday from the service offer.

Registration for the day camp for residents and homeowners opened on Tuesday, April 18 and spaces were filled very quickly. We now have many registrations on the waiting list.

Without additional hiring, it will not be possible to open new groups and offer spots to people on the waiting list.

Aquatic activities

The situation is similar for aquatic activities. In 2020, the Lifesaving Society reported a decrease of approximately 50% in registrations for the Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross certificates, which are prerequisites for lifeguard certification. This lack of qualified candidates is in addition to the general lack of applicants.

As a result, for a second year in a row, intensive swimming lessons have been removed from the schedule, and the overall swimming lesson program has been reduced. You can view the swimming lesson schedule for the 2023 season by clicking here.

The lack of staff also means that we have to reduce the free swim schedule: until we have filled the necessary positions, the pool will have to be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

What’s next

The Town of Sutton is actively pursuing its recruitment efforts and is putting in place new strategies to compensate for the lack of applicants.

By sharing with you the situation that affects us, we wish to solicit your help in recruiting the staff necessary to maintain the service offer. We are currently looking for at least :

We accept applications for full-time and part-time positions. The minimum age to work at the day camp and pool is 15 years old.

Any interested candidate can apply now by filling out our application form!

No resume required.

How can you help us?

Share our job offers by email or on social networks, talk about it around you! Links to our job offers:

Thank you for your help!