Strategic planning: take part in public consultations in June!           

The Town of Sutton is currently working on a new strategic plan, the last of which dates back to 2017. It invites Sutton residents to take part in public consultations organized by district between June 12 and 22.

A strategic plan enables an organization to define its mission, values and vision in order to develop a plan to achieve its strategic development objectives for the coming years. It is essential for our municipality to revise its objectives in line with the evolution of its population, aspirations and interests. The Town of Sutton’s administration therefore called on the firm Humance to support it in this process.

One meeting per district

Six meetings have been organized to meet the entire population of each district. Together with your councillor, you are invited to take part in this major democratic exercise, which will be led by two people mandated by Humance, experts in strategic and development issues. The meetings will be bilingual.

Town Hall Council Chamber: 11, rue Principale Sud, Sutton
Sutton Junction Community Hall: 128, chemin du Mont-Écho, Sutton
Glen Sutton Church: Vivarté, 1458 chemin de la Vallée-Missisquoi, Sutton

Note: if you can’t make it to the meeting in your district, you’re welcome to join us at another one, preferably on Saturday June 17.

Next steps

A consultation will also be held with elected members of the municipal council, while a consultation has already been held with municipal employees. At the end of the public consultations, a large-scale survey will be carried out among the entire population to validate the orientations that have emerged and ensure that they are in line with the general will. A new strategic plan will be drawn up, accompanied by an action plan that will enable the administration to coordinate its work and services according to the actions to be undertaken.

Get involved and help us create a strategic plan that reflects your aspirations!