Summary of the July 6, 2022 Town Council Meeting

A replay of the Town Council meeting is available on our YouTube channel. The official minutes (in French only) of the meeting are also available on our website.


The Mayor followed up on the following items:

  • Respect for administrative staff and elected officials: despite recent calls for kindness, we recently had a case of racism: it is unacceptable that racist remarks be made towards someone because they were not born in Quebec or come from a visible minority. We reiterate our commitment to being an inclusive society.
  • Respect for public buildings: we have noticed an increase in graffiti (John-Sleeth Centre, Goyette-Hill Park, etc.). We are evaluating what measures to take.
  • Speed enforcement: we receive complaints every week about speeding. The speed cameras installed show that the average is close to the speed limit, but that the major speeding occurs at all times of the day. It is not possible to have a police officer on duty at all times. In addition to the measures in place, drivers need to be made aware of the dangers to children.
  • Letter co-signed with other mayors on road safety addressed to the MTQ: a meeting is scheduled with the Ministry to work in collaboration with the municipalities on the danger of the roads (see resolution 2022-07-282 in the minutes).
  • Water file: the MRC has adopted an interim control bylaw (freeze on new construction in the mountain sector). A contract will be signed between the Town and the MRC stating that the MRC will exercise its interim control until January 1, 2023, allowing time for the Town to prepare a new urban plan. In the meantime, we are awaiting the results of the water supply studies by this fall.
  • First Responders: Since the service was taken over by the Public Safety Department, we have responded to 100% of life-saving, P0, P1 and P2 calls in above average response times, as planned. 25 people respond to calls in real time through the application that has been put in place. They even occasionally respond to P3 calls when requested by 9-1-1.
  • The Public Works and Fixed Assets Department has just received its new automated arm truck for the collection of garbage and recycling bins. This will provide an interesting gain in productivity for the department (read the news).
  • ParticipACTION Challenge: Sutton was in the lead in Quebec most of the time, before being overtaken by Laval on the last day! We finished 5th in Canada, which is remarkable. We are among the 50 finalists who can apply for the $100,000 grant in Canada or $15,000 in Quebec. Congratulations to the teams!


Council adopted draft by-law number 314-1-2022 entitled “By-law amending by-law number 314 decreeing the fees for the financing of certain goods, services or activities of the City for the year 2022, in order to correct the schedule of the day camp and the fees for certain aquatic activities”.


  • Participation of Councillors Lynda Graham, Carole Lebel and Marc-André Blain to the annual meeting of the Fédération québécoise des municipalités from September 22 to 24, 2022.
  • Resignation of the secretary of urbanism. Recruitment is underway.
  • Hiring of Yves Guay as a water and wastewater treatment operator: congratulations to this blue collar worker who followed a specialized training and has just obtained his certification.
  • Hiring of Élisabeth Scalabrini and Maya Perrot as lifeguards at the municipal pool.
  • Régine Durocher’s employment status was changed to assistant lifeguard and instructor. 
  • Modification of the hiring status of Naomi Tardif who becomes the head counselor of the day camp.
  • Hiring of Rosalie Boucher as day camp counsellor.
  • Hiring of Lisa Charbonneau as interim contractual coordinator of the municipal and school library until an employee is hired, the job offer being posted (35 hrs/week position).
  • Hiring of Noah Bergeron, William Girard and Félix Antoine Voyer as cadets (alternating with Brome Lake).
  • Resignation of Danielle Paquette as first responder. Thank you to her for her good services.
  • The Town will proceed, as every year, to the destruction of archives and will offer, as last year, the possibility to citizens to take advantage of its free shredding service which will take place on September 14 between noon and 3 p.m. A news will be published to this effect.


All discretionary decisions related to applications processed in urban planning are available in the minutes of the meeting (in French only), or in the recording of the meeting on YouTube.


The board approved:

  • The appropriation of the “Public Works” reserve for the purchase of additional granular materials in the amount of $100,000. Because of the bad weather in the spring, we consumed more than 7,000 tons of material to maintain the roads and there is a shortage for preventive maintenance. The mayor noted that we have received many congratulations on the work done in the spring.
  • The allocation of the surplus “Aqueduct” for the emergency repair of an aqueduct pipe at Place des Verrières on the network of the mountain sector which required the intervention of a contractor for an amount of $ 27,000.
  • Participation in the UMQ’s global call for tenders for the purchase of waste and recycling bins. 


  • Recognition of the NPO Loisirs Sutton (soccer activities).
  • Modification of the maintenance contract for the skating rink and the ice trail to add an amount of $250 per year.
  • Filing of a financial request for approximately $650,000 to contribute to the nanolab agroalimentary project located on the grounds of Sutton Elementary School (improvement of the cafeteria, construction of a greenhouse and purchase of a refrigerated truck). The application must be submitted by the Town, which is the only one eligible for this grant. Conditions will be attached to this funding. The Town does not participate financially, but would be required to contribute its human resources. Council voted (5 in favour, 2 against) and Council members spoke on the reason for their vote.


Only the questions asked are included, the full speeches can be listened to online on YouTube.

  • (Last meeting) Why are there no street lights on Maple Street between Bryan and Huttopia? ANSWER: The street is under the responsibility of the MTQ and there is no obligation to have street lights on the whole street. Street lights are present on all corners, except at the corner of Bernier, Domaine Sutton and Monts Sutton Heights, the street light having been removed as part of an intervention by Hydro-Québec.
  • (last meeting) Have uniforms been purchased for the first responders? ANSWER: No new orders. Clothing is in stock at Town Hall. Only bibs were purchased for $311.72.
  • (last meeting) Has light pollution been checked on Dyer Road/Avalon Field? ANSWER: The Environmental Inspector did an audit on July 5 of various light pollution sources.
  • Why were the first responders not present on 2 cases cited (dog bite and heart attack)? ANSWER: Calls are screened by 9-1-1 dispatch who may or may not call the PRs. We will verify if they were called in these two cases.
  • Is it normal for the Town to pay for mountain evacuations by firefighters when private companies are receiving funds?  ANSWER: These are non-profit organizations, not private companies. The Town has a duty to provide these services, but plans to find a way to recover the costs
  • Are the trails or events in the cemeteries respectful of the people buried? ANSWER: The trail is permitted by the cemetery and citizens are expected to respect the site.
  • Kudos on the steps taken to limit short-term rentals. ANSWER: The Town has repealed the short-term rental policy and is working on a new by-law.
  • How will the results of the water supply tests expected in the fall be factored into the review of the Urban Plan by December 31? ANSWER: Our current plan is already very adequate and we will be tabling a first draft that can be modified based on the results.
  • Will the zoning and subdivision by-laws have to be adopted at the same time as the urban plan? ANSWER: As part of the five-year review, the plan and by-laws must be adopted at the same time, but the Act allows for the plan to be adopted first, the by-laws to be worked on later and then, once they are ready, the plan to be adopted again with the by-laws.
  • When there is a 9-1-1 call, who calls the first responders? ANSWER: It is the 9-1-1 dispatcher.
  • Why does the MRC have to approve our accessory building by-law when they are different in each town? ANSWER: Because they have to issue a notice of conformity to the development plan.
  • How will the committee that would manage the school greenhouse project be formed, knowing that it is mainly volunteers who are making it happen? ANSWER: The whole project is a work in progress.
  • During the session, if we want to make a comment, should we wait for the question period? ANSWER: Yes.
  • In view of the bins that remain permanently at the side of the road, could we consider a system like in Bromont [underground collective container]? ANSWER: This is under discussion.
  • Could the tennis courts be covered? ANSWER: It is not in the plans at this time.
  • When will the financial statements be presented? ANSWER: At the August meeting.
  • Could the Town apply for another grant in the same program as the school greenhouse, or is this a one-time application? ANSWER: There is usually no limit to how many projects can be submitted to a government program, but there is little chance of a municipality getting money for two projects at the same time.
  • Will you improve traffic flow for residents in the mountain area who are stuck since Highland Street is one-way? ANSWER: We are looking at several projects as a whole to have better pedestrian safety and traffic flow.
  • Is it possible to collect the garbage more often than once a month? ANSWER: We are looking at what is being done elsewhere.

Next Council meeting : Wednesday, August 3, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. (See the 2022 meeting schedule).