The steering committee for the revision of the Family and Seniors Policy at work!

Delayed due to the health situation, the revision process of the Sutton Family and Seniors Policy is well underway. The steering committee, whose members were confirmed by the council at the January 19th meeting, is following a precise schedule in order to adopt the revised policy and a new three-year action plan (2023-2025) at the end of 2022-beginning of 2023.

The committee: a representative panel of our community

For its third meeting, and first face-to-face, the steering committee presented an updated portrait of the services and resources available in Sutton and exchanged on the habitat and our living environment. The points of view and experiences of all the representatives around the table are extremely valuable, as well as their enthusiasm to be part of this beautiful process.

From left to right: Pascal Smith (Town of Sutton), Geneviève Boisvert (Espace MUNI), Élizabeth Deit (Town of Sutton), Charlotte Jacques (Town of Sutton), Jacob Rivest (CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS), Daphnée Poirier (CAB Sutton), Gwen Badham (Maison des jeunes Le Spot), Luce Goerlach (Elder), Doris Mondor (FADOQ des Deux-Monts), Tanya Szymanski (MRC Brome-Missisquoi), Lynda Graham (Council). Missing: Louise Comtois (Elder) and Donald Kerr (Sutton School)
The Director of Recreation, Community Life and Culture, Élizabeth Deit, is responsible for the revision of the Municipal Policy for Families and Seniors. She has entrusted Geneviève Boisvert, from Espace MUNI, with the coordination of the process and the support of the steering committee.

A future survey of the population

The committee also confirmed the modalities of the survey in preparation which will be published very soon on our website and Facebook page: by questioning our citizens, including teenagers, on their use and perception of all the services and resources available in Sutton, the committee wishes to know the needs and concerns of the families, the youth and the seniors living in Sutton. The answers to this survey will be essential, that is why we are asking for everyone’s participation. We are counting on you!

To understand the importance and role of the Family and Seniors Policy, read the article in the June 2021 municipal bulletin.