The Town of Sutton receives a $13,800 grant in support of its Families and Seniors Policy

The Town of Sutton is proud to announce that it has obtained $13,800 in financial aid from the Minister Responsible for Seniors and Informal Caregivers of Quebec (see press release, in French) in response to the 2020–2021 call for projects under the Senior Friendly Municipality (MADA) support program. The funds will make it possible for Sutton to update its Families and Seniors Policy with a view to developing a new action plan.

“The request for support was submitted last October,” explained Élizabeth Deit, Recreation and Community Life Coordinator for Sutton, who is leading this project. “It will allow us to assign a person to monitor MADA and support its initiatives. This will be the municipality’s third action plan and I am happy that we can continue its efforts. We can see in concrete terms the impact of the process and the actions carried out within the framework of Sutton’s Family and Seniors Policy.“

The Town will contribute another $12,000 (approved in the 2021 budget) to enable it to hire the part-time resource person. Until that person’s arrival on staff, however, Ms. Deit will continue to work with the MADA steering committee, which is made up of representatives of families and elders along with the services available to them. “Everyone who has attended our committee meetings is enthusiastic and ready to continue,” Ms. Deit added. “It is extremely inspiring and informative to work together. It makes one want to invest even more.”

A public presentation of the results of the 2017–2020 action plan will take be held by mid-April.