Thursday, June 30: final day of ParticipACTION’s Together, Everything’s Better Challenge!

ParticipACTION’s Community Better Challenge is coming to an end this Thursday, June 30th, but we can already say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! A huge congratulations to the entire community and to all the organizations that participated in such a dynamic and enthusiastic way!

Last chance to register your minutes

If you haven’t already done so, please register your physical activity minutes (even retroactively) in the ParticipACTION application before Thursday midnight to help us maintain our place, or even gain some!

We are currently 2nd in Quebec – after being 1st for over a fortnight! – and we are 7th in Canada, after a spectacular comeback. This is an extraordinary score considering our population and our first participation. Next year, we’ll do even better!

We’ll have the final results by July 4th and we’ll let you know if we are selected as a finalist for a chance to win one of the prizes.

Two final public events to conclude the Challenge

On June 23rd, the Sutton School organized a beautiful Party that added many minutes to Sutton. Uncertain weather forced the bike safety circuit activity to be held in the gym, but in the end, fans were able to ride the pumptrack and do slackline outside. A nice session of Danse Sutton with Maude Lecours ended the party in beauty for the children, the school team and their parents. You can see them dancing here.

(photos Catherine Thomas)

Finally, on Tuesday June 28th, the ultimate Sutton Dance activity attracted about sixty citizens who had a lot of fun dancing with Maude Lecours in front of the town hall, before performing in public on Dépôt street, closed for the occasion : the video is to be seen absolutely here! Congratulations to everyone for your wonderful performance! And, if you missed them, you can see the two other videos of Danse Sutton that were made for the Challenge : the one of the Coop Gym Santé Sutton, and the one of Town of Sutton.

(photos Isabelle Capmas)

Even after June: we keep moving!