Warning! Unauthorized peddling

We have been informed that one or more people have been peddling unauthorized on our territory to solicit donations in the name of the “Sutton Firefighters Association”: this association doesn’t exist!

Please be advised that the Town and its representatives never solicit door-to-door or by telephone to ask for money or to sell items (as has already happened with fire extinguishers). The only people authorized to come to your home on behalf of the fire department are our fire prevention officers, who will be clearly identified and will have a Town vehicle.

Ask and verify the information of anyone who solicits you for money. Never give out your personal information. When in doubt, call the Town at 450 538-2290.

For consultation: Sûreté du Québec information on fraud and the digital booklet, La fraude en 3D, Détecter, Dénoncer, Décourager (in French only)

Beware of fraud!