Updating road signs in Sutton and informal survey of the population

A proposal to amend Appendix A of By-Law 210-7-2020, concerning traffic and parking, was tabled at the last Municipal Council meeting on Monday, December 7. This appendix relates to the list of street intersections where stops are located. The amendment proposed is to update this list and make changes or additions to it and these are presently highlighted in yellow in the document available online HERE.

Informal survey of the population

The Town of Sutton wishes, before the adoption of this proposed amendment scheduled for February 2021, to hear proposals from its citizens regarding other stops that could or should be added in our territory to improve traffic safety. We therefore invite the Sutton citizens to send their suggestions and comments to the Public Works Department by January 15, 2021 either by mail to the Town’s address or by email to dir.tp@sutton. Each proposal will be examined for its relevance and feasibility by the Public Works Department, and this service will make the final decision.

Please note that the provincial roads (route 215, route 139, Maple road) as well as the Scenic road (between the Ingalls and Vallée-Missisquoi roads) and the Vallée-Missisquoi road (between the Scenic road and the municipality of Potton) do not fall under municipal jurisdiction.