Vote for Charlotte and Sutton!

The Town of Sutton, through its recreation and community life agent, Charlotte Jacques, is nominated as a finalist for the 2002 Municipal Merit Award of the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Habitation, in the category of “Relève municipale” (Municipal next generation).

Sutton’s victory – to which the entire population contributed – in ParticipAction’s Community Better Challenge was an opportunity for the Town to highlight the exceptional contribution of its municipal employee at the Municipal Merit Awards presented each year by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Charlotte Jacques is in the category of “Relève municipale” (Municipal next generation – under 30 years old).

People’s Choice Award: We Need You!

In addition to the awards in each category, a “Coup de cœur” award is given by the public in all categories. We call upon our citizens to support Charlotte whose candidacy represents Sutton and the victory of all! VOTE BEFORE NOVEMBER 2ND 2022!

Find out about all the finalists for the 2022 Municipal Merit Award (in French only)
To vote for the Coup de cœur award

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