Water system rinsing in the mountain sector from Monday, May 17

The Town of Sutton will begin on Monday, May 17, 2021 the unidirectional rinsing of its aqueduct system in the mountain sector. This spring maintenance may last several days. The process eliminates deposits in the pipes, which ensures the long-term quality of drinking water and the proper functioning of infrastructure (standpipes, valves, pipes, valves, etc.). The public works department proceeds one area at a time. The town sector will therefore be undertaken later, and a new announcement will be made.

The rinsing process can cause the water to turn cloudy to yellowish. If you notice this happening in your household, simply run cold water, preferably from your bathtub faucet, until it becomes clear again. It is not recommended to wash bright clothes during this time, nor to use bleach, which could stain your clothes.

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We apologize for any potential inconvenience.