Action Plan for Families and Seniors, year one: Mission accomplished!

The Town of Sutton is proud to present the results of its Family and Seniors Policy over the past year. When it was adopted in February 2023, the action plan set 19 objectives for the year, of which was broken down into 30 actions, leading to 53 expected results.

Excellent results

We have seen several noteworthy initiatives come into motion. To this end, a progress report has been prepared:

Action plan progress monitoring – February 2024

Notably, 28 of the 53 expected results have been achieved, i.e. 52%!

Achievements of 2023 include:

  • New bike racks installed (action 1.1.1);
  • Support of new and innovative housing projects (action 3.1.2);
  • Addition of activities for each target group, i.e., Baby gym in the school gymnasium and the creation of a collective mural (action 6.1.2);
  • Addition of a multigenerational swing at Parc Goyette-Hill (action 7.3.1);
  • 4 pickleball courts added to Goyette-Hill Park (action 7.3.1);

Among the 25 results still expected:

  • 5 initiatives started in 2023 will be completed during 2024 (“in progress” results);
  • 13 initiatives started in 2023 will continue throughout the life of the action plan (“continuous”);
  • 7 initiatives have yet to be implemented (“not completed”).

In addition, several projects not scheduled for 2023 were completed last year, such as the financial access program for sports activities (action 6.1.1), the organization of an intergenerational activity (action 5.2.1) and the development of priority infrastructures (action 7.3.1).

The efforts of an ever-mobilized committee

Several members of the Monitoring Committee were involved in the updating process. During 2023, the committee members met twice and some are also responsible for carrying out initiatives.

For example, throughout the year, FADOQ Les Deux Monts held digital information technology activities at the Sutton Town Hall and the Municipal and School Library. These activities are popular and contribute to the digital literacy of our population, as well as contributing to the prevention of situations of fraud.

Still more to come!

In 2024, several actions will continue and other actions will begin, including the following:

  • Carrying out a survey regarding families’ interests in leisure activities (action 6.1.2);
  • Implementation of corrective measures based on the evaluation of accessibility  and the promotion of these measures (action 6.1.3);
  • Identification of parking facilities for people with reduced mobility and launching of an awareness campaign (action 7.2.1).

A total of 21 objectives have been scheduled for 2024: these objectives will be broken down into 33 actions, with 58 expected results.

The Action Plan continues to evolve and progress in which expected results can be added. The committee, which will be meeting in the coming weeks, will continue its follow-up work.

Members of the Monitoring Committee
Front (left to right): Marie-Hélène Cloutier, CIUSSS representative, and Élizabeth Deit, Director of Recreation, Community Life and Culture Department.
Behind (left to right): Charlotte Jacques, Recreation and Community Life Officer, Jacques Veys, Interim Director of Sutton Youth Centre Le Spot, Catherine Martineau, family citizen representative, Doris Mondor, representative of the FADOQ les Deux Monts, Daphnée Poirier, Director of the Sutton Volunteer Center (CAB) and Lynda Graham, Municipal Councillor.