An exhibition on fashion at the Sutton Museum

The Museum of Communications and History invites you to visit its exhibition Michèle Boulanger-Bussière, ambassador of fashion, which runs until October 10.

Who was Michèle Boulanger-Bussière?

Michèle Boulanger-Bussière (1937–2021) is recognized as a pioneer and leader in Quebec fashion. She created and directed the fashion department at LaSalle College for many years, training thousands of students in fashion design, fashion marketing and fashion production management. She opened and managed fashion schools in Casablanca, Rabat, Istanbul and participated in the development of schools and programs in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bogotá and Shanghai. She then participated in the creation and co-management of the École Supérieure de la Mode de Montréal at UQÀM, was president of the Fashion Group International of Montreal and cofounded the Fondation de la Mode de Montréal.

Originally from Sutton, her other passion was skiing. With her brothers Benoît and Harold Boulanger, she participated in the creation and management of the Mont-Sutton ski center for over 50 years.

Thanks to the loans of her husband, Jacques Pierquet, the exhibition offers you the privilege of admiring her rich collection of clothing designed by great fashion designers from here.

To learn more about Michèle Boulanger-Bussière’s career.

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