Before cutting down a tree…

Are you thinking of cutting down a tree on your property? In order to protect the trees and the forest cover on the entire territory of the Town of Sutton, it is forbidden to cut down a tree with a diameter of 10 cm or more without first obtaining a permit.

To obtain this permit, you must demonstrate with photos and/or the opinion of an expert either that the tree is diseased, or that it could cause potential damage to your property or to public infrastructures or that its removal is necessary for authorized work.

The regulations also provide, depending on the case, for the obligation to replace felled trees.

Some commercial, sanitary or firewood cutting is also permitted with a permit and provided that the environmental protection requirements, which vary according to the zoning, are respected. However, all tree cutting, logging and forest management activities are prohibited in an exceptional forest ecosystem identified in Schedule 6 of the Zoning By-law.

Also note that, for any new residential construction within the urban perimeter, the by-law requires that the owner proceed with the planting of a tree in the front yard.

However, the planting of certain tree species is prohibited within 25 metres of any building or public right-of-way (alder, silver maple, Manitoba maple, poplars and willows) due to the potential damage that their roots may cause. Finally, a distance of at least 3 metres from certain public equipment, including electrical poles and wires, must be respected when planting trees

For more details: Zoning By-law, Chapter 8, Section 3: Provisions relating to the protection and enhancement of wooded areas