COVID-19 / Coronavirus

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COVID-19 update


COVID-19 update

BACK-TO-SCHOOL 2021-2022: find out the specific instructions

COVID-19 update

BACK-TO-SCHOOL 2021-2022: find out the specific instructions

Vaccine passports will be introduced in Quebec on September 1, 2021

What will the vaccine passport be used for?

The COVID-19 vaccine passport will be an official and free tool to certify that a person is adequately protected against COVID-19.

The vaccine passport will allow individuals 13 years of age or older who are adequately protected or who have a clinical contraindication to vaccination against COVID-19 to access certain non-essential places and activities where the risk of person-to-person transmission is high. It will keep these commercial activities open.

These activities include, but are not limited to, events and festivals, theaters and sports venues, casinos, movie theatres, training facilities, team sports, bars, restaurants and some extracurricular activities.

The vaccination passport will not be required for access to essential services such as education (primary, secondary, post-secondary) or by an employer as a condition of employment.

See the list of places and activities requiring the COVID-19 vaccine passport.

VaxiCode et VaxiCode Verif Applications

Two apps are available for free on AppleStore and soon on GooglePlay:

VaxiCode is for citizens. It allows to:

  • download and read the entire content of the individual QR code, present in his proof of vaccination,
  • keep the code in a digital wallet, and show it to gain admittance where needed. 

Please note that you are not obliged to use the VaxiCode application to meet the vaccine passport requirement. You can also show a PDF or a printed copy of your QR code.

Download the VaxiCode application on AppleStore.

VaxiCode Verif is intended for those running businesses or activities covered by the passport measure to verify the protection status of individuals seeking access. It will scan the QR code that appears on the proof of vaccination to verify whether they are protected against COVID-19.

Their status will be shown in red or green, along with certification from the Government of Québec indicating whether or not they can gain admittance to the activity. The only other visible information is the person’s name. Passport holders must also show photo ID to prove their identity.

Téléchargez l’application VaxiCode Verif sur AppleStore.

IMPORTANT: A grace period will apply from September 1 to September 15, when the passport will be in use but no penalties will be imposed.

More information on the COVID-19 vaccination passport.

Recovery boxes for procedural masks available to the population

As announced in last January, the Town of Sutton has a new collection service for used procedural masks: one box is located at the Tourist Information Office and the other at the Municipal and School Library. Only blue procedural masks or surgical masks are accepted.  The used masks must be thrown directly into the box – do not put them in a bag. Used procedural masks should be disposed of only in these special boxes OR in the household garbage bin. Under no circumstances should they be placed in a recycling bin (blue bin) or compost bin (brown bin) or thrown in the toilet, in the street or anywhere else.

A specialized company will regularly recover the masks thrown in the recovery boxes and ensure they are recycled safely.

Drop off locations:

Tourist Information Office
24A Principale St. South, Sutton
Open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., 7 days a week


Sutton Municipal and School Library
19 Highland St., Sutton
Open from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., Monday to Saturday, and from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday

COVID-19 update

BACK-TO-SCHOOL 2021-2022: find out the specific instructions

COVID-19 update

COVID-19 Update

Town of Sutton – COVID-19 Update

Town of Sutton – COVID-19 Update