Damaged dirt roads

Frosts and thaws caused by abnormally mild weather have damaged dirt roads all over our territory. The Town is fully aware of this unpleasant situation, but has to wait for temperatures to cool down again before intervening on a massive scale.

As is the case every year, dirt roads become unstable as soon as temperatures soften the soil, creating major ruts. The Public Works and Fixed Assets Department has been working very hard for the past week to repair the most dangerous sections, but it is not possible to send heavy machinery on all the roads until the soil has hardened again. Indeed, the weight of the trucks (20 T) would only damage the road further.

Caution for motorists

We urge motorists to exercise extreme caution when driving on these roads, which can be very slippery.

You can notify us of any particularly problematic areas by using the Voilà! application or by e-mailing the Public Works and Fixed Assets Department at [email protected].