Decision on the Vieux-Verger project on June 7, 2023                             

Contrary to what had been announced, the Town Council was not required to decide last night, at the Council meeting, on the follow-up to the Vieux-Verger project. What the law required was the official filing of the result of the registry, which was done. After that, the council has until the next meeting, on June 7, 2023, at the latest, to decide whether to abandon the project or to call a referendum.

“After discussion with the elected officials, we have decided to analyze the current situation rationally, not emotionally, taking into account the comments received and the results of the register,” commented Mayor Robert Benoît in his opening remarks at the May 3 council meeting. “We want to continue to explore solutions and business models because innovative strategies are needed to address the current lack of affordable housing. We remain convinced that community leadership is required so that all stakeholders, public and private, can work together to achieve projects that meet the aspirations of a community.”

We therefore invite our citizens to meet on June 7 at the Town Council meeting to find out what the Town Council’s decision will be.