Deployment of optical fibre: latest news from the MRC Brome-Missisquoi

The MRC Brome-Missisquoi has published a new press release providing an update on the deployment of optical fibre following the monthly update of the IHR Telecom calendar on March 15th.

Remember that Sutton is last in this deployment schedule for two major reasons: on the one hand, our municipality has the largest surface area and the greatest number of kilometres of roads to be serviced, which means it is longer to accomplish 100% of each step that must be taken; on the other hand, its geographical location in the extreme south-east of the territory puts it at the very end, since IHR Telecom started construction from its network, located in the MRC Haut Richelieu, and then progressed in a western/eastern axis.

Mrs. Caroline Briand, Marketing Coordinator of IHR Telecom, comments on Sutton’s particular situation: “Although it appears from the February schedule that Sutton is not included, that is not so. The permits that can benefit from the new accelerated permit application procedure have been revised and Sutton will soon be able to enjoy these benefits.”
The permits in question relate to the authorizations that must be obtained from Hydro-Quebec and Bell Canada for the use of their poles.

“We are still on schedule for the Town of Sutton, whose construction work is scheduled to begin in August 2021,” she adds. “Optical fibre is not linear, it is like a spider’s web: each town is interconnected. It may therefore be necessary to advance construction in a neighbouring municipality first because poles/permits in one territory are sometimes required for construction and connection of the other.”

Even though the Town of Sutton has no decision-making power over deployment or any role in the permit application process, rest assured that we are closely monitoring the situation and the progress of the work that concerns it.

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