News from the Ukrainian Refugee Committee – Sutton as of April 28, 2022

Please read below the latest news from the committee:

New families to come to Sutton

Following the April 14 news, things are progressing really well! To date we are in the process of welcoming three Ukrainian families! Each of these families is at a different stage of the immigration process to come to Canada and settle in Sutton.

One of the families, having filled all the necessary papers, is awaiting confirmation from all family members regarding biometrics. Two of the individuals have received confirmation that they can apply for their visa to enter Canada. Now we have to think about all the next steps, which is being undertaken by some members of the committee. What encouragement! Finally, we will be able to welcome refugees and give them a home and a better life while waiting for the war to end one day.

The second family is waiting to take the biometric tests and the third one is at the very beginning of the process.

The federal government seems to be moving well to speed up the Visa program. Nothing is perfect, but at least everyone is moving forward to help these refugees.

Fund Raising

The next fundraising activity will take place May 7th with the concert of Nathalie Bédard. The cost per ticket is $35 including a wine and cheese. Nearly three-quarters of the tickets have been sold. To reserve your seat, call 450-538-3215.

Cash Donations

To make cash donations, refer for the moment to the family counter of the church of St-André de Sutton. An internet link will be available soon.

The project is moving forward, the community is tightly knit, we have all the necessary services to welcome these families.

(Source: Ukrainian Refugee Committee – Sutton)

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