Ice rink in preparation: opening delayed due to disregard of “no walking” restriction!

Every year, the opening of the skating rink and ice path depends on a combination of meteorological factors: we need a good accumulation of snow, followed by several days of cold weather. The snow must be compacted to form a layer several centimetres thick, and watered as soon as it gets cold, often at night + no one should walk on it while it’s being prepared!

Damage caused to ice in preparation

Ice preparation had been progressing well since early January, thanks to the snow finally arriving. But, although the rink was closed this week to allow the snow to accumulate, the closed rink sign was removed and broken, and then people shoveled the rink! The snow was then left in piles in the center and on the edges of the rink where it later froze due to rain. This layer of fresh snow could not be compacted, and heavy machinery had to be used to remove the piles of frozen snow. We deplore this disrespectful behavior, which delays the efforts made to provide quality ice for all skaters.

Accumulation of frozen snow in the center of the rink and against the boards.

Ice repair work.

It’s essential to respect the rink’s “no walking” restrictions and closed sign! Although the ice may seem passable, if the rink and ice path are closed, it’s for good reason: to accumulate new snow or because the weather is too mild, making the ice soft.

Preparation work continues

The rink maintenance team is working hard to get the rink open as quickly as possible. The snow that has fallen in recent days will be compacted and watered. Please help us by adhering to the “no walking” restrictions.

Thank you for your patience, vigilance and cooperation!