Information for dog and cat owners

Under the new agreement signed with the SPA des Cantons, the Town of Sutton has entrusted the organization with the following services:

Issuance of dog licenses

In accordance with section 3 of By-law RM 410 – By-law concerning animal control (in French only), the owners of any dog living on the territory of Sutton must obtain a permit for the possession of the animal, and they may not possess more than two dogs at the same address:

  • The cost of the permit is $20 per year (+ $5 for the first year for the cost of the tag); the permit must be renewed each year.
  • A tag is given at the first registration and must be worn by the animal.
  • The request for a permit must be addressed directly to the SPA des Cantons and can be done online and by selecting the Town of Sutton.

Pet Complaint Management

The S.P.A des Cantons is now responsible for handling and following up on complaints concerning domestic animals, whether they be dangerous dogs or nuisances caused by a domestic animal.

Please note that the SPA does not handle cases involving wild animals (e.g.: foxes that are sick or suspected of having rabies), which must be addressed to the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs at 1-877-346-6763.

Stray cat or dog pick-up

The Townships Animal Control Society is responsible for picking up stray cats and dogs reported on our territory. In the case of cats, it participates in the CSR program which consists of capturing, sterilizing, treating, vaccinating and releasing cats so that they return to their environment in good health and without risk of reproduction.

SPA des Cantons
1507, rue Principale
Granby (Quebec) J2J 0S4
Tel. : 450 263-1117

The SPA des Cantons also offers dogs and cats for adoption at all times.