Sutton Council’s 100-day review


The council of the Town of Sutton has completed the first 100 days of its mandate, after its election on November 7th. Mayor Robert Benoît wished to share with the population the numerous actions undertaken.

The council of the Town of Sutton has completed the first 100 days of its mandate, after its election on November 7th. Mayor Robert Benoît wished to share with the population the numerous actions undertaken.

The 2022 budget: The presentation of the new budget on January 26 was the result of careful preparation to reflect the new council’s concern for clarity, precision and transparency. The promise to freeze property tax rates was kept and a rigorous monitoring of expenditures was instituted. Investments in our infrastructures of nearly $7 million have been planned as of 2022. New: management indicators have been developed to analyze and determine public works operating budgets; a $50,000 participatory budget has been adopted to allow citizens to propose innovative capital projects; an environmental and urban planning inspector position has been created to assist the Town in its efforts to protect the environment.

The urban plan review process: In December, Council launched its new urban plan review process, with a view to giving citizens a voice. Two citizen listening sessions were held on December 20, 2021 and January 13, 2022, during which 36 citizens were able to express themselves directly to a committee, and 24 briefs were submitted and posted on line. The concerns that emerged from these consultations will be analyzed and debated. They include affordable housing, village densification, short-term rentals, biodiversity protection and nuisance. A schedule of future actions will be announced at a future council meeting, as part of council’s desire to develop a comprehensive and consensual vision for the development and planning of our territory.

Modification of the By-law concerning site planning and architectural integration programs (PIIA): wishing to provide a more rigorous framework for integrated housing projects and housing projects of 4 units or more, Council adopted a new by-law in early February that will allow for the control, throughout the territory, of their harmonization with the built environment and the natural heritage of their surroundings.

Water supply: a working group was formed in December to study the water issue that affects many surrounding municipalities. Three specialists in hydrogeology, residents of Sutton, agreed to participate on a voluntary basis, bringing expertise and credibility. An action plan is being drafted, which will determine the phases of progress of the subject and will nourish the reflection on the development of the territory.

Complaint handling: in response to the problems encountered by citizens, the council wished to review the handling of complaints. Since December, the administration has been working on a new global process for handling complaints which will be announced and implemented shortly.

An agreement with the SPA des Cantons has been recently concluded which will allow a better management and follow-up of complaints concerning dangerous dogs, while also entrusting the organization with the management of stray cats and dog tags, among others.

The deployment of fibre optics by IHR Telecom: in view of the delays in the schedule, the deployment of fibre optics remains more than ever a priority issue for the council. The mayor has been appointed as the MRC’s representative on the IHR technical committee and has met with IHR Télécom executives to closely monitor operations. At each council meeting, he reiterates the importance and urgency for citizens to register for IHR services.

The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for elected officials was rigorously and unanimously reviewed by all council members prior to its adoption in February, demonstrating their rigorous commitment. All Council members have also completed training in ethics and professional conduct, as well as training on the roles and responsibilities of elected municipal officials.

“These first concrete results are very positive,” concluded the mayor, “and we have many other actions underway that we will announce soon. We are pursuing our mission with enthusiasm and determination, which is aligned with our shared vision of harmonious development of our community and our environment.”

Press release – Sutton Council’s 100-day review