Mail-in voting for non-domiciled voters and for voters over 70 years old adopted at the Council meeting of May 3rd, 2021

A first for the municipality, the Town Council of Sutton adopted by resolution two authorizations to vote by mail for the upcoming municipal elections on November 7, 2021, in accordance with the powers that have been granted in this regard.

Thus, people over the age of 70 on polling day will be able to vote, exceptionally this year, by post.

Carried by 4 votes to 1, the postal vote is now granted to persons not domiciled in Sutton, until further notice.

As requested by the Government of Quebec to all municipalities, a mail-in vote will also be established for these elections for residents of RPAs and CHSLDs, as well as for any person who is not mobile or who is confined by order of the Public Health Department.

More information will be posted by June on the Town’s website, on a page specifically reserved for the 2021 municipal elections.