Aggressiveness is not acceptable

Following the publication last Friday of a news item announcing in a transparent manner the instructions that will be applied this summer to various installations in Goyette-Hill Park, the Mayor of Sutton wishes to respond to the hostile comments made on social networks that could harm the reputation and integrity of our employees.

« I have been concerned by the chain reactions caused by the fact that the park chalet and the dek hockey court had to be reserved for the day camp.

It is evident that those who are most aggressive in their comments are not those who took the trouble to inquire with the Town beforehand for the reasons behind our decisions.


  • The Sutton School is undergoing renovations this summer: neither the washrooms nor the locker rooms in the gymnasium will be accessible and hosting a day camp there was out of the question.
  • The decision to reserve the locker rooms and indoor washrooms of the park chalet for the day camp was based on one simple reason: current health measures.
  • Setting up the tents on the deck hockey court is the least prejudicial option. Installing them on the grass was deemed impractical (mud, damp, turf would have to be redone).

We have not taken these decisions lightly. I am deeply disappointed by the reaction of certain people toward our staff and the hard work they do to offer the best possible services at the lowest possible cost to our community.

I request that our dissatisfied citizens contact Mr. Louis Pilon, our Deputy General Manager, responsible for Relations with citizens at: [email protected]

Pool and day camp employees do not make these kinds of decisions and should not be subjected to undue pressure, aggressive comments, or insults from anyone ever, whether on social networks, by private message, by email, or in person.

On a broader note, I invite everyone to show more courtesy and tolerance toward our hardworking administration so we can move forward, together, in a climate of mutual respect and understanding, to achieve the same goal: the pleasure and pride of living in Sutton!

For your information, the day camp and swimming lessons began yesterday, to the great satisfaction of the users, adults, and children alike.”»

Michel Lafrance, Mayor of Sutton