New banners on Principale Street highlight local Sutton artists

This special project of Tourism Sutton is an initiative  that promotes  artists of the region. Fifteen new banners have been installed on Sutton’s Main Street, offering passers-by an open-air gallery in the heart of the village.

Heidi Vanha, general coordinator of Tourism Sutton and the Corporation de Developpement Economique de Sutton as well as Gaétan Boulais and Brigitte Normandin, two local artists who sit on the board of directors of the Corporation, carried out this project. They invited all Sutton artists to submit three photos of their work (painting, drawing, sculpture or other). The Arts Sutton Gallery collaborated by providing a list of all its artist members.

More than sixty proposals were received and a selection committee, independent of  the project, was set up to determine which thirty works would be chosen for this enchanting project. The committee was composed of two persons: Marie-Claude Plasse, cultural agent for the Town of Sutton and Anne Lord, owner of the clothing boutique Urbaine des Champs. Their knowledge of visual art and design allowed them to evaluate the works objectively, as the submissions were anonymous and had to answer a predetermined evaluation grid.

In accordance with the project adopted in the 2022 budget of the Town of Sutton, thirty works of local artists will be displayed on fifteen banners (one on each side) of Principale Street, for three seasons.

To learn more about participating local artists, visit:  (under construction).