New exclusive offer of Hilo smart home service at no cost* from February 5 to 19

After the first phase last November, Hydro-Québec is launching the second phase of its Hilo project in the Eastern Townships, where the municipal electrical infrastructure is operating at full capacity while also experiencing increased demand, which is in turn overloading Hydro-Québec’s power grid during peak demand periods.

Exclusive offer for a limited time.

To enhance service quality and alleviate some of the pressure, Hydro-Québec is offering solutions like the Hilo smart home service, which allows you to optimize your electricity use and earn cash rewards.

Good news for Sutton residents

The Hilo service will be available to you again at no cost* from February 5 to 19, 2024.

To sign up

The offer includes:

  • the Starter Kit;
  • up to 20 Hilo thermostats in total;
  • installation by a licensed electrician.

By participating in Hilo’s energy reduction challenges, you’ll be helping to reduce pressure on the grid during winter peak periods.

Plus, you could also earn cash rewards—last winter, customers earned an average of $140 ** by taking Hilo challenges. You can also save up to 15%*** on your annual electricity bill.

Together, we can ensure more efficient energy management!

* With a three-year agreement. The offer includes the Starter Kit, up to a total of 20 thermostats (for baseboard heaters and/or electric floor heating) and installation by a licensed electrician.
**Average rewards received by customers who participated in 19 Hilo challenges during winter 2022–2023.
***On average, for a customer who replaces bimetal thermostats (with a dial) with Hilo smart thermostats and applies the recommendations.

Offers can be changed at any time without notice by Hilo or Hydro-Québec. This offer is reserved for the exclusive use of the addressee of this email, whose residence is located at Sutton, and is contingent upon satisfaction of the eligibility criteria. The exclusive promo code can only be used once and is non-transferable. An order will be cancelled without notice if the customer does not live in one of the seven municipalities covered by the special project. To learn more about all the terms and conditions of the Hilo smart home service, please refer to the Participant Agreement.