Press release – Follow-up on the John-Sleeth Community and Cultural Centre situation

Sutton, February 26, 2021—The Town of Sutton Council has reassessed its action plan concerning the future of the John Sleeth Community and Cultural Centre in response to concerns expressed by its resident organizations. “The Council recognizes the importance of the built heritage of Sutton and the attachment of the population to its history,” said Mayor Michel Lafrance. “Its preservation has always been one of our values, subject however to the principles of sound management and the financial consequences for the Town and its taxpayers.”

New expertise hired to update cost

The 2018 and 2019 reports—although detailed—do not allow the town to state, in 2021, what the comparative costs would be between a renovation (with upgrading) and a demolition-reconstruction of a building of the same size. With construction costs having increased over the past year in particular, the Council deems it essential to immediately order a new evaluation that will provide updated costs for both options. The company, ProspecPlus, has been chosen to carry out this task: Its mandate is to inspect, by mid-March, the exterior of the building (land, foundations, roof, exterior cladding, doors and windows, access and stairs, fireplace and exhaust ducts) as well as its interior (rooms, corridors, common areas, basement, electrical systems, heating, plumbing and air quality). ProspecPlus will produce its evaluation report by mid-April, which will be published following verification. “The new report will be a key element in the consultation that the Council plans to conduct on the future of the building,” said Mayor Lafrance. “Sutton residents will then have a clear picture of the choices available and the Council can consider several scenarios.”

A new timeline

While awaiting ProspecPlus’s report, the Council has decided to extend the deadline for the relocation of John Sleeth’s residents, until more precise plans are drawn up in consultation with the population. “Although the residents were notified in writing in May 2019 of the expected release date in September 2021, nonetheless we must take into account the major slowdown created by the pandemic, as well as the scarcity of suitable premises,” added Director General Pascal Smith. “We intend to hold further meetings with each of the organizations in the John Sleeth Centre to discuss the inevitable relocation. The Town’s intention has always been to support them in this process. By relieving the pressure of this deadline, we will jointly find viable solutions.”

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