Solar Eclipse: A Unique Phenomenon on April 8, 2024

On April 8, our beautiful Brome-Missisquoi region will have the immense privilege of being one of the best places in Quebec to observe the solar eclipse. An exceptional astronomical event not to be missed, since the next eclipse will take place in 2106! Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of this unique experience.

Where to Watch the Eclipse in Sutton?

The eclipse will be visible in Sutton starting at 2:15 PM when the moon begins to obscure the sun. The total eclipse is expected around 3:22 PM, lasting approximately three and a half minutes, during which we’ll be in the shadow of the moon, experiencing darkness and a slight drop in temperature. The phenomenon will conclude around 4:37 PM. To observe the eclipse effectively, it’s essential to be at locations with a clear view of the sky. Even if the sky is cloudy, you can still experience the descending night.

Au Diable Vert offers a presentation at its Observétoile planetarium. Observation glasses and the presentation are included in the accommodation package. For day visitors, tickets are $25, including glasses and park access. Admission is $10 for the presentation and $10 for parking. Tickets can be purchased at

Mont Sutton provides privileged viewpoints for observing the eclipse. A projection of the Astrolab program will be offered at the Bar Le Tucker, and an educator will be on-site to answer questions about eclipses. Glasses will be available for purchase. More information is available on the Mont Sutton website.

Tourisme Cantons-de-l’Est provides a wealth of practical information about the upcoming eclipse and where to observe it in the region: Solar Eclipse 2024 – When the Stars Align in the Eastern Townships! (in French)

Children’s activity organized by the Sutton Municipal and School Library

On Sunday,April 7, the day before the solar eclipse, the Recretion and Community life and Culture departement is offering a fun activity for children aged 8 to 12: a mini-rocket crafting workshop from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the library. 

  • Free for Sutton residents or $10 for non-residents.
  • Registration is available online now through the ACLoisirs platform
  • If you haven’t created an account yet, please refer to the account creation procedure.
  • If you already have an account but need assistance with registration, please consult the registration procedure.
  • For any support or information, email [email protected]

Exhibition by local artists on the theme of the Eclipse

Sutton Tourism is organizing an exhibition featuring local artists who have been invited to submit small-scale artworks on the theme of the eclipse or, more broadly, on astronomy: the moon, space, stars, the sun, and more. The artworks, including paintings, sculptures, or other artistic mediums, will be on display from March 25th to April 10th at the Tourist Office in Sutton, 27 Principale N. Some of the pieces will be available for purchase.

Safety guidelines

  • Special Eclipse Glasses: Never look directly at the sun without specially designed glasses for solar eclipse observation. These glasses must meet safety standards and be certified.
  • Solar Filters for Telescopes and Binoculars: If using optical instruments like telescopes or binoculars, make sure to install special solar filters to protect them. Never look through these instruments without appropriate filters
  • Avoid Unsafe Substitutes: Never use regular sunglasses, smoked glass, photographic films, or other unapproved methods to observe the sun. These methods do not provide adequate protection.
  • Children Supervision: Ensure that children understand the importance of not looking directly at the sun without proper protection. Supervise them carefully during the eclipse.
  • Limited Observation Time: Restrict direct sun observation time, even with special glasses. Take regular breaks to rest your eyes.

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Happy eclipse!