Strategic planning reminder: have you completed the survey? 3 days to go!   

– Deadline September 15, 2023 –

We’re asking all our citizens aged 10 and over to take part in this survey about Sutton’s future. The Town of Sutton is currently preparing its 2024-2029 strategic plan: if you haven’t already done so, now is the time to make your voice heard by answering the questions that concern your municipality!

Launched last May, the strategic planning process will enable the Town to define its mission, values and vision for the coming years, and to draw up a corresponding action plan. Consultations have already been held with residents of each district, as well as with elected officials and administrative staff. The aim of this survey is now to reach as many citizens as possible to validate the aspirations and orientations that emerged during the consultations.

Survey information

The survey consists of 14 questions about your opinion and 3 questions about your profile. Average completion time is estimated at 8 minutes.

The questionnaire is available online until September 15, 2023, and paper copies will be available at Town Hall reception and the Sutton Municipal and School Library.

Link to the 2024-2029 Strategic Planning Survey


Survey QR Code

Please note that only one answer to the questionnaire will be considered per respondent, as the form filters out multiple answers.

Thank you for your participation !